“Un été à Montpellier” is the title of a 40-page zine that I made.

It pictures my stay in Montpellier featuring Nils Brauer, Tjark Thielker and Peter Sievert.

The zine is now available at Montur skateshop and Cleptomanicx.

SOLO skatemag did a review on that thing here.

Thanks to everybody involved.

SOLO #12

solo12-blurredvisionWhen I was a kid I had a poster of Michael Mackrodt hanging in my room. Even today he is definitely someone I still look up to.                  He pretty much embodies skateboarding and globetrotting at the same time.
Many years later I was lucky enough to take a photo of him in the streets of Berlin which has now been printed in SOLO Skateboard Magazine.

This hurricane grind is part of a photo series called “blurred vision”. Also starring Alex Ullmann, Carsten Beneker and André Gerlich.


ausberlin-jahrbuchA couple of weeks ago the official release of “Aus Berlin Yearbook” took place in (of course) Berlin.

First of all I like the fact that I was able to contribute some images to the book. Secondly the pictures were set in chronological order and the book comes with some nice accessories like posters and shirts.

You can buy it here.



SOLO #10

clepto-stadt-landPretty much exactly two month ago I went on tour with Cleptomanicx in the north-western province of Germany.

Now there is a nine-page report in the 10th issue of SOLO. There will be also a clip filmed and edited by Robin Pailler in the very near future.

Keep your eyes open!