SOLO #35

Nils Brauer, my old Volvo 245 and I went on a long-awaited roadtrip to the arctic circle this summer.
Our 7000km journey basically took us through whole Scandinavia, crossing Norrland, Lappland, Lofoten Islands and so on.
The whole story including 17 photos of mine made it to Solo skatemag #35.
Go and turn real pages. Don‘t be afraid. It’s just paper.

SOLO #33

In issue 33 of SOLO skatemag golden oldie Michael Mackrodt was questioned about life, skateboarding and plenty of other things.

Working on the interview he showed me around in his hometown Berlin. I still feel very blessed to work closely with someone like Michi and I am sure we re going to team up again soon.



A few weeks back Parallel teamed up with Almaros to celebrate a new issue, skate the streets and premiere a video.

I was also around to show some large sized darkroom prints that accompanied my article.

Thank you Robert Christ and velvet collective for the invitation.

Its been a pleasure.



In the last issue of SOLO my friend Sven Kanclerski had to answer some questions about life, art and skateboarding.

I ve known this fellow for quite some time now and its pretty interesting to see how he evolved over the years.

Here is also a short Super-8 clip that we filmed.


The triptych is a yearbook documenting the skate scenes from Paris, London and Berlin.

Thomas Busuttil again made an effort to choose from several hundreds of photos and collect them on 365 pages.

I am once again happy to be a part of this project. It’s full of amazing photography and people. For more info about the book click here.

SOLO #27

The 27th edition of SOLO skatemag came out last month.

The entire issue deals with the golden city of San Francisco.

On 130 pages you ll find locals, friends as well as european skaters skating the bay area.

After all about 60 photos of mine made it to the final result. Get it in stores or online while you can.