“Un été à Montpellier” is the title of a 40-page zine that I made.

It pictures my stay in Montpellier featuring Nils Brauer, Tjark Thielker and Peter Sievert.

The zine is now available at Montur skateshop and Cleptomanicx.

SOLO skatemag did a review on that thing here.

Thanks to everybody involved.

SOLO #12

solo12-blurredvisionWhen I was a kid I had a poster of Michael Mackrodt hanging in my room. Even today he is definitely someone I still look up to.                  He pretty much embodies skateboarding and globetrotting at the same time.
Many years later I was lucky enough to take a photo of him in the streets of Berlin which has now been printed in SOLO Skateboard Magazine.

This hurricane grind is part of a photo series called “blurred vision”. Also starring Alex Ullmann, Carsten Beneker and André Gerlich.

SOLO #10

clepto-stadt-landPretty much exactly two month ago I went on tour with Cleptomanicx in the north-western province of Germany.

Now there is a nine-page report in the 10th issue of SOLO. There will be also a clip filmed and edited by Robin Pailler in the very near future.

Keep your eyes open!


SOLO9-Valeri RosomakoSOLO skatemag #9 came out earlier this month.

Among some others Valeri Rosomako got photographed for this issue somewhere on the streets of Berlin.

Valeri has a very unique style and a huge bag of tricks. Beyond that he is down to find and skate weird spots.

A great guy that you should meet in person.